As sometimes happens in life, we suddenly awake as adults to realize what we’ve been trying to tell ourselves ever since we were small. Looking back on it now, I realize my fascination with clay began at a very young age, but I didn’t know how to nurture that interest.


I operate a small home studio in beautiful Northern California. On the web, you can find me on Instagram, Patreon, Discord, and Twitch using the buttons below.

When I began streaming, it was an exercise in learning to express myself, fearlessly. My first forays included watercolor, brewing, and gameplay – all activities I enjoyed, but none as fulfilling or fitting as I’d hoped. Fortunately, my younger self nudged me toward the local community college, where I discovered a robust ceramics program and a mentor whose philosophies and decades of experience with ceramics set me on this path. I’ve been streaming my pottery since the very first pinch pots.

Working with clay gives me an opportunity to shape my ideas into reality with my own hands. I draw my stylistic inspirations from classic Japanese pottery and my own love of nature and dramatic, earthy colors and shapes. My favorite form is the cup. I explore the intimate connections between the potter and the clay, between the cup and the drinker, and I seek to capture that moment of unity in my work. I hope to inspire mindfulness and thoughtful appreciation that can be carried from the kitchen table out into the rest of life. Lofty goals for the humble cup.

As a streamer, I have worked hard over the years to cultivate a creative community space that is relaxing and reflective.Through sharing my work, I hope to demonstrate fearlessness and patience in my pursuit of excellence; a compassionate kindness for myself as my flaws and shortcomings are laid bare by the efforts. Failures and fresh starts are opportunities to learn and grow; and perhaps the flaws are beauty, hidden by our stubborn intentions.

I continue to grow. Since 2019, I have continuously honed my skills in handbuilding, throwing, sculpture, glaze making, and kiln firing. I have been approached for commissions large and small, including custom mugs, bowls, and a life-sized bust. I seek out opportunities in my local and online communities to work with streamers and small businesses to create custom, authentic wares that compliment their vibe.

As my practice continues to develop, I am fortunate to have strong support at home. My daughter is learning how to craft and glaze along with me, and her growth reminds me how important it is to value the learning process. Meanwhile, my wife has patiently watched me fill our space with kilns and cameras, boxes of clay and bags of mysterious alchemical powders. I recently brought an old kick wheel home and set it up in the backyard. She didn’t bat an eye. She gives me time to livestream my evening pottery show, and time again to work on my projects off-camera, as well as the endless cleaning and improving of the studio space. In exchange, she claims first-dibs on my finished pieces. Fair.

I stream on Twitch as RhynoLion three nights a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 7pm to 10pm PST.  Come and join the Pride!


Have a question about my work? Want to say hello? Have creative ideas or curiosity about commissions? Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! 

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